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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This Week at Catholic Fried Rice: A Post for Women and a Chastity Conference Presentation

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend!

This week Catholic Fried Rice has got a couple big projects going on.

First, a post we're still working on will come out in a couple days called What Every Chaste Man Needs in a Woman.  I write a lot for the guys, this time, this one is for the ladies out there.  Because if a man wants to be chaste he needs 1. God 2. Good Male examples and 3. A woman who supports chastity (if he's in a relationship).  This post is about how my wife Mimi has been crucial for me and I'd like to share (in detail) how her support has been incredibly helpful for me along the way.

We'll climb the tower
Here's a snippet:

I love something our Natural Family Planning instructor said last year that I believe to be so true.  She said, “If we women set the bar low, men will walk all over us.  If we set the bar high, men will climb the tower and beyond for us.”  Mimi set the bar real high for me, and I climbed it with fervor and passion.  It may have been one of the best gifts she has ever given me.

My editor would like to go through this post with me as it pertains a lot about her.  Look out for this post later this week!

Secondly, Chastity Conference this week.

This Saturday I'll be giving a workshop at a Chastity Conference sponsored by the Archdiocese of Washington.  My workshop is titled  "Iron Sharpens Iron: Why Fraternal Friendships are Crucial to a Man's Chaste Life" and here's the description given by the conference's Web site.

In this talk, directed toward those working in Adult Faith Formation, RCIA, Marriage Prep and Young Adult ministry we will discuss the importance of faithful male friendships and how men can call each other to holiness in living a chaste life and growing in faith. We will also discuss the practical tips for finding or creating men’s fellowship in your parish community.
Chastity Conference in Washington D.C.
Sept. 7, 2013

This week I'll be working on my presentation that will involve 1. My story (the girlfriend guy who found authentic brothers) 2. My list of what a chaste man needs from other men and 3. How to foster fraternity in the church.  If interested in going (registration is $10) or want more information there are a lot of great topics to be covered.  The event Web site and Facebook group are the places to go! [Hilariously fun fact: Mimi's mother is even coming down from Hershey, PA to see me talk because "that's what mothers do" as she puts it.]

That's what we have and we're sticking to it like white on rice.

Lord, make me aware of my complete unworthiness, my desperate need for You, and the immense joy you bring into my life.


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