Fight the New Drug

Fight the New Drug Video: My porn recovery story

***To see my featured talk "How Love Defeats Porn" given at the Catholic Information Center in Washington, D.C. click here. ***

Make Videos

Sometimes, we can take ourselves too seriously, (I know I do), so here are several homemade pieces that keeps things light-hearted around here:  For more, check out our YouTube page.

My nephews and their epic Easter egg hunt

I have a strong (maybe too strong?) tie to St. Francis.  On his Feast Day, I showed it.

Mimi and I wanted to thank our wedding musicians (who were also my high school youth group friends called TYM) in style.  A rap was an obvious answer.

This video is Mimi and I registering at Target and getting more than we bargained for---sass.

Recounting the epic bachelor weekend, this movie preview then came out in the new releases.

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