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Fight the New Drug Video: My porn recovery story

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About the Author

Catholic Fried Rice-Indulging in food, faith, and Filipinoness

 Catholic + Filipino = Catholic Fried Rice.

It's deeper than that though.  Up until college I would always divide my life like school cafeteria plates.  I kept my school friends separate from my church friends separate from my Filipino friends separate from my girlfriend.  I acted differently depending on who I was with and where.  Then I joined a brotherhood where one of our mantras was "the man sitting on a bar stool should be the same man who kneels at the pew."

So instead of being a compartmentalized plate, I decided I wanted to be more like fried rice---where each bite is the same from beginning to end.  Boom. Catholic Fried Rice.  

Raised in Durham, NC, graduate from the Catholic University of America, now Campus Minister at the University of Maryland, I now live with my wife Mimi and four beautiful children in Maryland.

Welcome to the site.  Eat up!

Peace and joy,
Matt (and Mimi)

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