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Fight the New Drug Video: My porn recovery story

***To see my featured talk "How Love Defeats Porn" given at the Catholic Information Center in Washington, D.C. click here. ***

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**To see our porn recovery story, check it out here with Fight the New Drug (more than 100k views on YouTube:

***To see my featured talk "How Love Defeats Porn" given at the Catholic Information Center in Washington, D.C. click here. ***

Also, check out Mimi's and my published story in Restored: True Stories of Love and Trust After Porn by Matt and Cameron Fradd also on Amazon.


Years ago, I traveled to more than 60 universities, colleges, and parishes in six months giving talks as a recruiter for Catholic Volunteer Network:

The experience has given me the passion to speak to many different audiences, especially young adults, college students, and teenagers.  Now, Catholic Fried Rice has taken off as I've been invited to speak (and/or will be speaking) in various venues including universities, churches, and Theology on Taps.  Check out this fun clip from my recent talk with the Catholic ministry at GMU:

If you'd like to have Catholic Fried Rice come speak at your campus, church, or club let us know!

Most often I will customize my talk to what people may want.  Here is a sample of talks I'm experienced with:

Why We Struggle with Pornography and How to Overcome it:
In an article I wrote (that has reached thousands), I give my personal experience with pornography and how I've overcome the addiction.  With "sex" being the number one searched word in Google, and addiction to porn being the reason for breaking up 1 in 4 marriages, it's an enormous issue.  Through God's grace, I shine light on the positive ways to fight the epidemic in a tactful, relatable, and even funny, way.

Iron Sharpens Iron: The Importance of Fraternity to a Man's Chastity
Up until college I was definitely the designated "Girlfriend Guy"  It wasn't until I went to Catholic U. when I found what real fraternity and accountability meant and how it ultimately helped me lead a chaste life free from sex, pornography, and even masturbation.  This talk will shed light on the importance of finding the right friends that help you get on the right path and show insight on what authentic accountability can look like.

Called to Fatherhood: How Every Man Can Prepare for His Vocation
Every man is called to be a father figure---whether in the religious life, with a family and children or through mentoring others.  With the common denominator of teen violence, pregnancy, delinquency, and suicide coming from fatherless homes, there is an epidemic in our culture of missing men.  There are reasons why guys have come short (most that are not their fault), and there are things we all can do to so they become the men they're called to be so we can restore authentic masculinity in our culture, and most importantly, in the home.

Freedom to Love: What chaste relationships look like
We're all called to chastity, but what does that look like in a relationship?  In this talk, I tell candid stories on how my wife and I dealt (and struggled) with chastity in a funny yet true-telling way.  This talk isn't about the negative no's of the things chaste couples can't do, but the positives yes's on what they can experience in a love that is so much more freeing.

What a Chaste Man Needs in a Woman
If a guy is to be chaste he needs help, a lot of it.  It first comes from God, then knowing other male examples, and lastly women (especially if he's in relationship).  This talk (which is also for guys) is to help young women understand what's going on in a guy's head and what they can do before and during relationships to help guys be the chaste man we all need them to be.

"I pray...sort of."
The number one difference that differentiates what Matthew Kelly calls "Dynamic Catholics" is not if they pray, but how and when they pray.  This talk is about how we all can take that  step in improving our prayer life reflecting through some of my candid and funny experiences.  It's insight to what 7% of Catholics are doing differently in prayer than most of us---and it's a lot simpler than we may think!

"I'm thinking about doing mission/long-term service work"
A talk I've done in more than 60 venues, I reflect on my own experience doing mission work in Costa Rica for one year, regarding embarrassing stories with learning Spanish to the fruit of living in the present and making a difference to one person's life.  I also will share practical information on how to find the program for you, financial information, all through the Catholic Volunteer Network.  This talk is especially great for college students.

Filipino Faith: Embracing our Catholic Filipino Identity 
When I was growing up, I experienced my Catholic and Filipino identities the way I arranged my food---separately.  In this funny and candid talk, I speak about how I've gotten to embrace both important aspects of my life by mixing it up together like fried rice---which ultimately led to the name of this site.

Most importantly, I want to do everything I can to providing any kind of help, resources, or advice in any of the above areas.  I believe in this so much that I will go above and beyond for the ministry of this work.

To order Catholic Fried Rice or have any questions feel free to e-mail us at 

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