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Friday, August 6, 2010

The Things Mateo Carried: The Packing List for Costa Rica

Today I left Durham to stay in D.C. for a couple weeks with my sibs before I fly to Syracuse to start my orientation with FrancisCorps on the 21st.  Long story short, everything had to be packed.  Esta es la lista:

Big Luggage 1 –Clothing
-11 short-sleeved collar shirts
(I’m going to be working in a school every day and that with slacks is my dress code.  Somehow throughout the years I acquired thee many shirts. I figured 10 for a two-week rotation with an extra ready for the weekends/Church)

-10 pairs of boxers

-10 pairs of dress socks

-8 t-shirts
(I have so many, but I decided to go with my most comfortable.  Coincidently, they’re all shirts that represent different countries: Italy, Philippines, Russia, …Durham.  I had to throw in my most comfortable CUA shirts which include the Student Minister shirt and my Senior Retreat t-shirt.

-6 pairs of athletic shorts

-5 pairs of foot-wear
(One  pair for every day at school, one pair of sneaks, one pair of Rainbows, one formal pair, and my newest acquirement, my Croc Trailbreaks for hiking/walking.)

-5 pairs of white socks

-4 pairs of dress pants

-3 pairs of jeans
(One for the everyday, one messy one for field work, one dark pair for going out)

-3 white undershirts

-3 belts
(This sounds like a lot, and it is, but there’s a method to my madness.)

-2 pairs of cargo shorts
(Again, my most comfortable, and the only ones with zipper pockets.  Extremely handy.)

-2 button-down long sleeve shirts
(For formal occasions and possible going out)

-2 ties

-2 athletic pennies
(These are my lacrosse practice “jerseys”.  I’ve worn them a lot this summer.  They’re perfect for hot weather.)

-1 long-sleeve shirt

-1 CUA hoodie
(I had a lot to choose from between another CUA, Esto Vir, Falcon’s Cry, Jordan Falcons.  I went with the warmest and most comfortable.)

-1 pair of sweatpants
(Anyone who has heard me sing about these know how important this was to pack.)

-1 pair of swim trunks

-1 pair of goggles
(Because I have them.  Might as well use it.)

Smaller luggage 2-Everything else
-1 rain coat

-2 just-in-case ponchos
(They were like a $1 together at the dollar store)

-2 umbrellas
(One big, one smaller just-in-case one)

-4 caps
(2 Duke ones, 1 Carolina Panthers, 1 CUA)

-1 hamper bag

-1 bottle of shampoo

-1 bar of soap

-1 bottle of eye solution

-1 box of contacts

-1 box of Q-tips

-1 electric razor

-1 toothbrush

-1 tube of toothpaste

-1 thing of deodorant

-1 bottle of sunscreen
(I learned my lesson this summer)

-2 Shorter Christian Prayer books
(My personal and one to share)

-2 Liturgy of the Hours prayer books
(I think I janked these from CUA freshman year.  These are also to share.)

-1 CUA Student Prayer book

-1 “The Way” by St. Josemaria Escriva

-1 “Prayers for Catholic Men” prayer book by Mike Pacer

-1 Bible

-1 journal

-2 rosaries

-1 St. Francis “Bless This House” wall hang
(Found this in the garage, thought it’d be appropriate to bring.)

-1 crucifix

-1 To-Do-List notebook

-1 “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge

-1 “Be a Man!” by Fr. Larry Richards

-1 “Stuff Christians Like” by Jonathan Acuff
(This is my go-to book when I need to cheer up.  I always end up laughing out loud with Acuff.  The guy’s hilarious.)

-1 “CultureShock: Costa Rica” by Claire Wallerstein

-1 “The Shack” by Wm. Paul Young
(An eventual read, gift from Katie.)

-6 flags
(Philippines [2], Belize, The Vatican, Italy, U.S.  I’ve been to several countries, and I guess I acquire the flags of the countries that have meant the most to me.  I suspect to get a Costa Rican one.)

-1 set of 3M tape and hooks

-3 maps to hang
(U.S., World, Philippines)

-1 bag of photos, including a framed one of my family

In book bag:
-1 camera with carrying case, connection chord, and charger

-1 CD player

-1 set of Spanish CDs

-1 Nano iPod

-1 set of headphones

-1 Netbook and power chord

-2 USB thumb drives

-2 pocket knives
(Each has different utilities.  Note to self: Put these in my check-in luggage, not carry-on)

-1 deck of cards

In guitar case:
-1 guitar

-1 binder with songs

-1 tuner

-3 capos
(One that actually works well)

-1 pouch of picks

-1 set of spare guitar strings

-1 pickup

-1 fingernail clipper

On my person:
-1 Tau cross around my neck

-1 solidarity ring from Belize on right-hand middle finger

-1 wallet with money, debit, and IDs

-1 passport

-1 scared and anxious mind

-1 hopeful heart

-1 prayer for the road



  1. Matt you and I are both starting great adventures together !!! What a blessing let's stay close to each other in prayer.