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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

La feria de ciencias (Science Fair)

Today is a relatively libre (free) day for me because the science fair is going on all day.  I'm so impressed with these students, their projects are so complicated and interesting, I'm wondering if I could have done anything like some of their projects when I was in high school.
What science fair in the United States starts with a band
procession?  P.S. I love the drumline muchachos.

Some notable projects:
A battery powered by a bicycle
A mixture of avocado shavings and another chemical to make shoes waterproof
A water purification system
A solar-water heater
The effects of a volcano on trees
Finding out which battery is better for its money (It was interesting to see that the local cheaper bought battery did better than the imports like Duracell)
A study on dyslexia children and how they formed letters from plato (their B's and S's were backwards)
A make-shift desk cleaner that had an inserted liquid system and three different types of rollers
And last but not least....observation research on which brand tampon (toalla) works better.  This was the last one I saw and I couldn't help but smile the whole time.  It was funny for the girls too as I observed and listened.  Finally I said, "Es importante si, pero no para mi."  
La feria de ciencias.  A big deal here at St. Francis.

It was a well-spent two-and-half hours for me.  I made a point to go to every booth from the high school students.  It was good for me to give them more exposure and be more comfortable with me.  It was good to meet more students and learn more names.  And no, I couldn't understand every single word they were, I probably wouldn't understand some of their projects in English let alone Spanish.  But I got the context more or less.  Es un proceso.  

Gracias a Dios.


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  1. The kid who made the solar hot water heater must have been pretty awesome.