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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Would you rather be deaf or blind?"

Today we went to and got a tour of Jordan's site Centeno Guell.  It's a school for blind, deaf, and mentally handicapped children.  Some of the moments got to me...

I watched deaf children play musical chairs.  The instructor had the music going so loud that it vibrated off the wooden floor, which was how the kids could tell if the music stopped or not.  Sometimes they couldn't tell and would sit too early.  My heart wrenched.  I can't imagine a life without music, let alone hearing.  I go through withdrawal from my guitar alone if I go too long without playing it.  I mean, after my second week in the Philippines I went and bought a mini kid guitar to sustain me.  It was one of the happiest moments of my trip.

I walked into a playroom where an instructor was playing with a down syndrome seven-month-old baby boy while his mother watched, kneeling to the side smiling.  She was so happy, spending time with her baby, seeing him work his motor skills.  She waved at us smiling as we left.  It was hard for me to keep my smile walking out the door.

We peeked into a room of blind children having lunch.  I watched as one boy carefully took his time to stick his fork into his Tupperware full of watermelon pieces, and slowly bring it to his mouth, his aim slightly off.  I'm already a slow eater, I can't imagine how long it would take me if I were blind.

Jordan walking the bridge between the two buildings.
  May he be the ears and eyes for his children this year.
"Would you rather be deaf or blind?"  It's a question I asked Brittany today and a question I've considered frequently in my life.  I'd be crushed to live a life without music, but life without sight would be practically difficult.

I'm neither blind nor deaf.  At least physically.  I thank God for that blessing.  I pray for those who have to bear that cross every day.  Lord, be with them.  And guide all of us to see and hear your will as you would have it.


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  1. thanks for the post man, powerful stuff, interesting that we could maybe take that needed step towards humility being led by a blind child. keep the updates coming