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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things to do before I die

Last weekend the house and I had a retreat in Puntarenas and it gave me a lot time to think and reflect.  And for some reason, by the end of the retreat, I thought about things I want to do before I die.  I guess I've had some things in the back of my head, building over the years, and here's what I came up with.

Things to do before I die
(in no particular order, some more important than others)

-visit Assisi
-go back to the Philippines and see my family there again
-visit Africa (and see Pride Rock)
-eat Chinese food in China
-eat Japanese food in Japan
-have a Guinness in Ireland
-have a famous cheese steak from Philadelphia
-eat NY Pizza in downtown New York
-while in New York, visit Central Park
-go to Belize one last time and see my family and friends there
-go to Guatemala or Honduras or both
-see Rome and the Vatican one last time
-learn to make something out of wood (like a chair or table)
-go skydiving
-go bow hunting
-publish a book
-record my songs
-write a song worth praying/praising with
-become a good enough singer to lead
-own a really nice black or brown electric-acoustic guitar with a cutaway sound board and built in tuner
-learn how to play the drums
-grow in a career that fulfills me
-live in a different country (in the process of this one)
-spend a night in the wilderness by myself
-go on a cruise
-take an amazing picture worth blowing up and framing
-become a great cook (also in the process)
-become a phenomenal dancer
-go deep sea fishing
-see a national fútbol game (in the World Cup, even better)
-see a summer Olympics live
-go to a World Youth Day
-visit one more country in South America
-raise a family
-marry someone I can pray and share my adventure with
-be a man of God
-buy, fix up, and live in my own house with my own money
-in that house, create a music room/corner/basement with many instruments
-bring one man to Christ
-fight a battle worth dying for

I'm pretty optimistic I'm going to accomplish all of these things before I get the ax.  Gotta work towards something, right?



  1. Matt, when it comes time to do
    "-eat NY Pizza in downtown New York
    -while in New York, visit Central Park"
    look me up! I'm right here on Long Island. Love your list. I may copy you and place my own list on my blog. Hope you are well. Keeping you in my prayers xoTrista

  2. Hi Matt,

    I found your blog through another blog. Currently I am a senior in college, and pondering possibly doing a year of service after this. Actually, your service program is one that I was thinking about (not necessarily Costa Rica though; porque neccesito practicar mi espanol y aprender mas palabras y la gramatica mejor!). Can't wait to read more of your posts!

    God Bless,

  3. Trista, will do when I get to New York. Maybe you can give me the tour!

    Lianna, hey find me on Facebook or something or e-mail me at I'd like to talk to you more and give you an honest gauge on your Spanish. It might not be as bad as you think!