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Saturday, December 25, 2010

"Here We Wait" (Aujero Christmas Song 2010)

Me singing "Here We Wait" on Joseph's little kid guitar.
About seven years ago I started to pick up my guitar, and the first song I wrote soon after was called "Aujero Christmas", a song explaining how I didn't "have any moneeeey" to buy them presents so I wrote them a collective song present instead.  Almost every year since, I've written a different Christmas song and played it for them during Christmas time.  The ongoing joke has been, "Man, when is Matt going to give us real presents?"

Well this year was probably the first year in a long time I got everyone presents and I wasn't planning on giving a Christmas song because I left my guitar back in Costa Rica.  But yesterday, I was twiddling on Joseph's little kid guitar and I was inspired again, with lyrics and music creativity flowing.

This year, Christmas was very different from the usual Aujero tradition.  This time it's in Washington D.C. at my sister's house in Arlington instead of good 'ol Durham.  Also, we spent it with Steve's parents for a first time as they came down from Rhode Island and my parents came up from North Carolina.  The reason for all the change is because my sister is near 9 months pregnant and she's about to pop anytime.  So for the past couple days we've been sitting here talking and waiting for and anticipating Melissa's new baby boy.  We even put wagers/guesses down on her due date and baby weight.  My guess is Dec. 27, 7 lb, 7 oz.

The whole situation seemed so parallel to what it must've been like 2010 years ago at the first Christmas.  The magi and shepherds who visited Jesus probably didn't have MBA exams or med school or graduate papers to write, or had complicated family issues, but there's a sameness between us and them: we are visitors from far away, we come bearing gifts, and we've come to see the new baby boy to be born.  And just like the magi and the shepherds, we all kind of dropped our plans, temporarily forgotten our troubles at home, for something more important than us, to be part of a moment filled with joy and love and peace.

So, that's what I based this year's Christmas song on.  I played it for the fam today after presents, on Joseph's little semi-out-of-tune guitar.  One day I hope to compile all my songs and record them or something.  But until then, here we wait.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Sister and her husband and baby boy to come.
Here We Wait
By Matt Aujero

We traveled from the North
We traveled from the South
We traveled from near by
To be here it’s what it’s about

In this place we bring our gifts
In this place we bring our love
In this place we bring our best wishes
In this place we know something’s sent from above

Here we wait, here we stay, here we gather today, and wait for a new baby boy
Here we wait, here we stay, here we gather today, and be, because we’re family (2x)

At our homes work is long
At our homes money’s tight
At our homes there are still pages to read
And in our homes our families fight

But in this place we’re here together
In this place we are sister and brother
We’re here to see a new family addition
To support a loving father and mother

Mr. Myers, Melis, Mrs. Myers, Mom, me, Dad, Mireille, Mark (Steve missing)

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