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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Katie and Me

Katie and I about to go out
[Editor's note: This post was originally posted without photos by intention, but because of a superfluous amount of friends who were confused on who Katie actually was, I posted photos of my beau for everyone's clarity.]

I remember when my brother Mark introduced me to Katie about a month ago.  I later told him, "Wow, she's beautiful."  I had no idea she's been in Arlington this whole time, like this hidden gem that I had to find for myself.  I remember our first time out together,.  it was like we were discovering who we were, what I like to do, what she prefers.  I found out fast that I need to be a bit more gentle---I guess I am a little rusty.  It's been taking some adjusting, not having spent time with someone like her for a long time.  I've been telling my friends and co-workers about her, and they're happy for me, telling me that she's "good for me."  I couldn't agree more, for my mind, body, and spirit.  Some of my guy friends know what I'm experiencing, being in similar relationships.  "Isn't it great?" they'll say.  It really is.

I think about the shorty (sometimes I call her that) a lot, looking forward to the weekends where we've gone out every time.  If I'm lucky, we get to hang out during the week. Last Tuesday was great, for example, we were outside and got caught in the rain together, nothing to protect us.  I held on to her, close, heart beating fast, laughing, feeling alive in the rain, and even happier that she was with me.

I'm usually not into girls with tats,
but hers is actually what inspired
her name.
We both love nature.  There's this creek right by my house in Arlington that we like to go to.  I found it for the first time with her, and probably wouldn't have found it without her.  We were on this trail and we could have taken a left or right.  She didn't say anything.  She just took my hands and lead me left.  We do a lot of that.  She leads me, I lead her.  She loves it though when I take control, switching it up on her, changing gears.  Sometimes though she'll challenge me, push me to work harder, be better.  I need that and I appreciate it. But there are these moments where we won't say anything, and she just let's me hold her, like we're going somewhere, but nowhere to be at the same time.

We discovered this gorgeous creek that I didn't even know existed.  I went there today again with her, this time taking a dip.  I loved the refreshing, cool water.  Floating, closing my eyes, hearing the crashing water underneath the surface was breathtaking. like I had reached nirvana.  God was there, well He's everywhere, but He was clearly there in that moment.

Tangled up in each other
I took Katie home because of plans, and I'm already thinking about spending time with her again.  I can't wait until we do, especially taking advantage of the nice weather while it's still here.  It's not going to be fun when I start travelling in a couple weeks and we won't see each other much.  But we'll cross our bridges, test the road, work together up our hills. We've been going steady for several weeks now and I definitely see this becoming a long-term thing. Katie, shorty, K2, my new found love, my new bike, here's to you.

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