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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why Eve was the hottest person on the planet

Admit it fellas, when we think of Eve in the Garden of Eden, we imagine that she was pretty hot, yes or yes?  I’ll even venture to say that she was the hottest, most beautiful person Adam had ever seen.

Many of you are saying, “Well, duh, Matt, she was also the ONLY one he had ever seen.”
"Fall of Man" by Hendrik Goltzius
Eve was the apple of Adam's eye.
Also, what's that cat doing there?


Jason Evert, renowned author and speaker of chastity, once wrote in his 51-page book Pure Manhood something that hasn’t left me alone and has changed my view, literally, on women ever since.  He said, “What if the only woman you ever saw naked was your bride?”


One (of the many) reasons I don’t want to watch porn today or even look longer than I need to at women in public is because I don’t want to think of any other person when I hang around my girlfriend, Mimi.  I don’t want any other image of anyone else to fly around in my head when I see her and hold her. Consequently, I see her today as the most beautiful person I had ever laid eyes on.

“Well, duh, Matt, she’s the ONLY person you ever let yourself see.”

I’m OK with that.  In fact, line her up with all other women in the world, and I’d still pick her.

Truth be told, I stopped my habitual viewing of porn more than a year ago when I was a single guy not dating anyone.  What motivated me then?

One of the most interesting books
I've ever read.
I was reading a book called “Boys’ Adrift” by Leonard Sax, M.D., Ph.d who talks about all the reasons why there aren’t any real men today noting the education system, ADHD medication, video games, and the feminist movement among other factors hurting this male generation.  As a doctor, he also noted never in his life had he had so many men come to him having erectile dysfunction, a problem guys have when they have difficulty getting an erection during sex. (Do any of us guys want this to happen to us? No or no?)

He wasn’t just talking to older men.  In fact, he noted he’s seen more and more men ages 18-28 were coming to his office for Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.  You know what he said was the common denominator among all of them?  “Overuse of pornography and that they “find it difficult to get aroused by real women.” 

Find it difficult to get aroused by a real woman?!  F that.  Don’t we men want to be the best in bed our wives have ever had, yes or yes?  That was it for me.  I do plan on being the best my wife has ever had, and if I can do anything about it, erectile dysfunction is not going to happen to me.

In fact, I bet the sex Adam and Eve experienced was the best they had ever had.

And maybe, yes, it was because it was the ONLY sex they had ever had.



  1. keeps those posts coming bro! Excellent article! Posted it to my facebook page! Understanding, merciful, and healing, just what we all need!

    God Bless,


  2. How could the feminist movement possibly be hurting men?

    1. I can't tell if you're being serious or not. If you are, I'd gladly let you know.

  3. I'm totally going to start following your blog. Its not everyday you hear folks out here who believe what you believe and realize what you realize! Keep doing your doing, speak the truth and share it! :)

    1. Thanks! I appreciate the affirmation. I see you started your blog. Keep at it!

      Peace and joy,