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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Video: Stations of the Cross at CUA

Today at work, I came across these videos taken by the USCCB.  They're from one of my favorite traditions at my Alma mater CUA---our annual campus-wide stations of the cross during Lent.  USCCB apparently video taped one of them in March 2009 (which, now that I think of it, I do remember a video camera there).

Watching these brings a lot of memories, especially in the last video when my House '08-09 (student ministers) passed the torch to the new House '09-'10.  I remember that being an emotional moment, as the eight of us had gotten pretty close that year, and this event signified the beginning of the end of our run together.

Nonetheless, it's pretty funny watching these because I basically know 90% of the faces shown on these videos.  It's like playing "Where's Waldo?" CUA style, and could easily turn into the game, "How many people can you pick out?"

To my CUA peeps, enjoy:


  1. Wow. Thanks for posting these Matt. Tears are in my eyes.

  2. Good stuff man. Shoot, I'm crashing next years way of the cross.