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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dear Catholic Fried Rice,

Dear Catholic Fried Rice,

I feel stretched lately.  A LOT has happened in the past several of weeks, a lot of GOOD things, and that combined with work and orientation last week and coming home late every night this week, I fear...I just don't have time for you anymore.

This week I started going to work an hour early so I have writing time to myself.  And that's been great.  I've been writing, but it seems it's less for you and more for, well, just me, and material I'm going to put in a book someday.

At one point I really thought this blog was my window to something great, something much bigger than me.  But is and always will be just a side thing.

Because simply, well, I don't have time.

Mixed feelings---->go.



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