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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


After a stressful day after an up and down stressful several first weeks at work, I got online tonight to blog about how much I feel like a failure.  Failure at work, failure with my car and how much I've spent time and money on it already and how I might need to get another one, failure at money and feeling I can't save enough fast enough, failure feeling I can't provide for Mims, and failure how I can't have a straight week where I can do things right, all epitomized by failing to get to the DMV today after school five minutes late and they wouldn't let me in.

Then my Facebook popped some tagged pictures of me.  And I was reminded of the wonderful time I had with my family, extended family, and Mimi this past weekend.  It was the happiest and relaxed I've been in awhile, I could probably conjure a pretty strong patronus just from the weekend.  (bonus points for those who get that reference).

My roommate Tommy saw me laying on the floor tonight after I went on a night run to lay off the stress.

"Dude, you seem out of it."

I told him my situation and all the areas I feel stressed.  He just told me, as the Facebook photos told me,

"Well, think about it this way.  You have a family that loves you, a girlfriend that loves you, and a job that's a good job that has a good purpose.  Everything else is extraneous.  Thank God for that."


Maybe what I'm failing at most is recognizing the bigger blessing in life and failing to let go of the small inadequacies, disappointments, and failures.

After all, how can I not laugh at this photo of my nephews?


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