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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Farting during prayer

Tonight after driving six hours in the car with Mimi from North Carolina, we finally got to my apartment.  We hit a lot of traffic, I was tired, and I was ready to be home.

She asks, "Want to pray before we unpack?"  She was referring to our prayer before we call it a night, which we do almost every night.

"OK," I say, as I shut my eyes being so tired, leaning my head on her shoulder.

She starts.  She thanks God for the weekend, getting us to North Carolina and back safely. For our dinner with Andrew and Juliana, our music meeting with Jim and Marianne...and then she just kept going on, longer than usual, which is OK, but I was so tired I started thinking, "Wow, this prayer is getting real long...."

Finally she pauses and waits for me to pick it up.  I'm so sleepy I don't know what to say as we sat in silence.  Then to both our surprise, my body spoke up.

What you smell is what you get.

There was no doubt that the vibration of flatulence came from my seat as we both realized what just happened.

We burst out laughing.  Laughing to the point of my stomach hurting and my eyes tearing.  Maybe because I haven't yet outwardly farted out-loud around her and maybe because I was having trouble putting words together for prayer as she waited on me.

"Lord, I also want to pray to have mercy on me and what I'm getting myself into...", Mimi adds.


Love all of me.