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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Video: Mimi and I registering at Target

Mimi and I went to Target today to scan and check out some things for our wedding registry. I decided I wanted to record some of the action to help our friends and family for what they could get us. In hindsight, a lot of ridiculousness got recorded, including some things I'm still finding out about my future wife...

[Disclaimer: With reservations, Mimi gave me permission to put this up and thinks this is really strange to put a video of us at Target. "Who's going to want to watch this?" Ha, probably no one, but it still pleases me. She's basically letting me post this public because she's "trying really hard to love me for who I am."]



  1. Love Mimi's 2 minute defense of her "hamper". Love the fact that strangers in Target keep looking at you guys like your crazy.
    Love: "We are going to do a lot of drinking, a lot of drinking..... water."
    Love you guys.

    1. Haha, love you back man. You're my boy blue.