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Saturday, May 25, 2013

100 Guys, Positive Messages about Sex, and Masturbation-less living

Believe it or not, I have been writing lately, it just hasn't showed up on here.  They are messages that are so positive and yet so important that I'm taking a little extra time to fine tune them with close friends because these topics are so delicate, if read the wrong way, the message will be missed.

Primarily, I've written two posts soon to be published:

100 Guys, 100 Positive Reasons to Save Sex for Marriage

The point of this post is to combat every young man's question, "Why wait?"  No one really gives us a clear answer besides, "The church says so," which we all will agree, isn't very motivating.  It's my call to gather 100 men to tell me (and the world) why they wait in a very positive way.

Masturbation-less living 

My entire life I used to think that masturbation and even porn was just the way of a man's life.  Now having spent some significant time without either in my life, I feel like a new man.  I'm more joyful, peaceful, and feel this strong sense of freedom. In my post I describe it's like learning how to ride a bike and not ever wanting to go back to training wheels.

These past two or three weeks I've been feeling this overwhelming sense of opportunity and exciting anticipation.  Please pray for me that I can take this weekend to get these posts ready for the world to see.  And please pray for me and my chastity---if there's anyone the Devil wants to take out, it's the messengers of the Good News.  I have temptations just like any other man, especially and even today and every day.


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