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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Funniest Marriage Advice Given to Me

Throughout the course of my engagement (and now honeymoon), one of my favorite things to ask married couples (especially the older ones) is the secret to how many years they've been married whether it 30, 40, or 50 plus years.  I've gotten a lot of good advice like "Listen to your wife" or "Learn how to say 'I'm sorry' and forgive frequently" though for now, I'd like to highlight these hilarious gems that I'm sure hold just as much truth.

Future Mr. and Mrs. Aujero
(except the guy is Filipino)

"Remember, happy wife, happy life."

Him: "Just remember that you're the head"
Her: "And she's the neck that turns the head."

"Remember these four words: 
'You're right again, honey!' "

"The first 50 years are tough, after that, you're golden."

Him: "Be best friends..."
Her: " bed!"
-40-plus years married couple at a wedding as the husband was trying to be sentimental while the wife grabbed the mic and interjected.

And my favorite...

"I always have the last word:
'Yes, dear.'"


Lord, may I always have this kind of humor 50-plus years into my marriage with Mimi.

May it last


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