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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Most Joyful Day of My Life

The night before my wedding I couldn't go to bed for the first two hours.  Not because I was nervous, not because I was anxious, but because I was overwhelmed with joy.

The Most Joyful Day of My Life

How many people get to have such a loving mom and dad who 100% support and love him?  From their wonderful words to gifts to blessings, I have always believed that I can fly and walk on water because I have their full support in what I do.

How many people have such a loving immediate family who is proud and supportive of their loving brother?
The toasts that Mark and Melissa gave was my favorite part of the entire reception.  Mark's words especially touched me as he has never spoken to me like that in my recent memory, his words how he wants more of God in his life as well, were really powerful.  I hope and pray (as I have been) he will be able to follow through.

How many guys have such a strong sense of brotherhood among his groomsmen who are not two, nor three, not even six, but seven guys, Mark, Anthony, Bobby, Patella, Chris, Casey, Josh (and Mimi's brother Chris) who would do anything for their fellow brother, would have his back at any moment, and have done things for me (to my great humility) in moments leading up to the wedding and especially this week?  Before we went over to the church together, we were hanging out in my room and I told them that I love men, and I have a lot of guy friends, but they were the closest of the close and it was an honor for me that they were going to be at the altar with me that day.  I hope my gratitude towards them with my gift came through.

How many people have such amazing community members from not just one, but two amazing sets of people?  Here's to my House of CUA, Kelsey, Kara, Colleen, Juliette and JJ how they showed up for praise and worship to pray with me, then later ate, and danced with me.  Here's to my FrancisCorps Costa Rica family, Tom, Jordan, Jelly, and Brittany (and Bro. Jim!) who lov(i)e(s) me with such joy and have grouped hugged/prayed for me numerous times over the weekend.  How many people get to have such strong communities that love them?

How many people have such a fun loving extended family?  I LOVE my extended family and how much we laugh with each other.  It was especially good to see the Young's who I hardly ever get to see.  I loved getting to spend time with them, especially at the rehearsal dinner.

How many people have great friends that range from my youth group musicians/best friends from Durham to Sam my lone childhood friend that lasted to Andrew and Sean?  How about all of the friends who came last minute to the ceremony like our new friends from St. Andrew's and my CVN peeps to all of the friends of my family?

My family joining another
How many people get to marry into such a great family?  Who gets to have a relationship with his
wife's father and even closer one with her mother?  And what great siblings in Rachel and Chris (and Jen).  And extend that out to the loving Ferguson's and the generous Cullari's and we all can't forget about Nonna.

How many people get to marry into such great friends of his bride's?  How about the new found loving friendship/siblinghood between him and bride's best friend Stephanie?  I absolutely loved all of the eight bridesmaids and thought they all looked beautiful in their white dresses.

And finally, how many people get to marry a stunningly beautiful bride in my Mimi?  A best friend, woman, and love who has set the standard high, someone who loves, cherishes, and respects me, a daughter of God who loves Him more than me, a woman who will never give up on me and desires to love me for the rest of my life, a woman who is childlike in faith in her laughter and her smile, a woman who had made every moment of waiting sexually together and alone worth it, a best friend I get to keep into the end of my time here on Earth.

The day of my wedding was the most joyful day of my life.  It was the pinnacle of everything I ever believed in and is the manifest of all the love and joy in forms of people that have come and lasted into my life.

Father, I love you, love you, love you so much.  If I had ever wondered if You loved me, the day of my wedding is the most obvious YES you could ever give me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I praise you with all my heart.

A quote I've been working on for weeks I think holds true now:

I know my life is balanced when I am aware of my complete unworthiness, my desperate need for Christ, and the immense joy that He brings into my life. 


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