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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happenings at the Catholic Fried Rice Factory

Things are busy here at Catholic Fried Rice, to name a few:

-currently still working on a couple drafts, one titled "What a Chaste Man Needs in a Woman" and "What I would die for"
-spoke at a Chastity Conference this past weekend, making a couple connections in particular with one priest which invited me to join a Men's Fellowship Committee for a Men's Conference that will take place in March next year here in D.C.
-joined up with a Catholic men's book group through a guy I met at my workshop
-I started a part-time job at Centro Tepeyac, a Catholic, fully-bilingual center for women that provides resources and counseling for those who are pregnant.  It's been really awesome as we prepare for our Gala coming up later this month.
-have made some connections with a couple Knights of Columbus with speaking opportunities, writing pieces, and people to meet.
-made major changes to Web site, including buying
-got an Instagram

Thank you for all the prayers!


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