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Monday, November 25, 2013

Photos from Birthday Week

This year the week of birthday was epic...

 Here I'm with my Francis Corps family (sans Brittany!), as my (18th), Jordan's (19th) and Tom's (24th) were all this month. 

With the fam.  That's my nephew Christian blowing my candles for me.

That's my (most of) my fam at Centro Tepeyac (mission Gabi and Rocio).  They surprised me with next day cupcakes and a card.

Bacon in the morning?  Beautiful surprise from my lovely wife.

Pasta made by my Italian wife.  Thanks to her dad for authentic cheese from Italy and his homemade salami!

Our coat bed at our party.  Typical for a baby Kaiser to be there guarding everyone's stuff.

Blowing out candles again at our house party.

We had never had this many people over at our two room apartment.  And this was only about two-thirds.

Curse Chris Paris.  He and I have had this war where we hide this "World's Best Dancer" trophy that I found in each other's places.  One day, he'd find it behind his milk.  The next it's inside my pillow case. The next, waiting for him at this car.  He got me this time, as was welcomed by her as I took a shower the next day.

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