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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Advent Day #3: Orchestra Prepares for Carnegie Hall

How does music prepare us?

           This video is about an orchestra preparing to play in Carnegie Hall in New York City. My favorite part is the singer’s story. As a child, she stood outside that hall for the first time, wishing she could be in it.  I appreciate her excitement to have the opportunity to actually perform and sing in the hall.

            Advent Connection: A special part about this season is the music. I remember singing in the children’s choir for my elementary school trying to remember the words to “Silent Night”, the first song I ever had to fully remember by heart.  I remember having to really pay attention to the words as I prepared. What are your favorite songs of the Advent and Christmas season?  Which ones bring you memories of your childhood?  Which lyrics make you pay more attention the message of Christmas and prepare our hearts for the child King to come?


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