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Friday, December 6, 2013

Advent Day #6: How to Prepare for a 100 Mile Bike Ride

This video is about how to prepare for a 100 Mile Bike ride.  A part that sticks out for me is the attention to the clothing to wear on a ride. 

What do we wear on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning Mass?  I have a lot of memories of it being a time of year where I dress my best.  Why?  As years would go by, what I wore became nicer and nicer.  It started off with khakis and a polo, then dress pants and a button down with a sweater over it, then a shirt and tie, then finally a full shirt and tie with a jacket. 

Do you dress up for Christmas?  Why do we make it so special? 

How do we prepare for the coming of Christ this Christmas?


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