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Monday, December 9, 2013

Advent Day #9: How Olympic Skiers Prepare for Snow: Do we Prepare our Soul?

Prepare for snow, prepare our souls

     How appropriate does this video come about how skiers prepare for the winter elements in light of our recent weather?  When it snowed yesterday here in the D.C. area, did anyone notice how pure everything looked in splendid whiteness during its first fall? 
    How pure are our hearts during this Advent season?  Last week we talked about getting dressed up for Christmas---will our souls be cleanly matched as well as we present ourselves to the Christ child?  If it isn’t, the Church leaves the light on for confession.  No matter if we haven’t been in weeks, months, or years, it’s never too late to purify our hearts before we see Jesus---in this life or the next.

As pure as snow


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