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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Video: How Guys Can be Pro-Women, Pro-Life

On remarks on the March For Life, I mentioned these fine fellas from the youth group at my parish St. Andrew the Apostle in Silver Spring, MD telling how it is: we guys got to step up if we want to be pro-women, pro-life. 

The following video was shown to thousands in the Verizon center at the Mass For Life.


  1. This kind of thinking is exactly how the GOP frames its arguments for a reduction of government funding for abortions and birth control. "The government shouldn't help women who can't control their libido or their reproductive system..."

    They frame this as a religious argument to get the masses behind it, while their real agenda is simply cutting benefits programs for the poor. Is this really the group you want to throw in your lot with? I knew you before you were a born-again virgin; thought you were a smart guy, a critical thinker.

    Now you are pro-life? Come on, Matt. The world is going to look back on this issue the same way it will look back on slavery, women's rights and same-sex marriage: by asking, "How could we have been so wrong?"

    Sorry to shatter your echo chamber here, but you're going find yourself on the wrong side of this question in the future.

    1. Dear friend,

      I appreciate your opinion and your courage to share it. I am open to having a further open discussion on said topics, though appropriately face-to-face with coffee, over the phone, or even an exchange of e-mails. To have it on here with someone who is unnamed wouldn't do either of us good. I'm more interested in the person you are and why you have your opinions than to argue which one of us is "right".

      So if you'd like to e-mail me, please do. I'm at and will be waiting for it.

      Peace and joy,