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Thursday, March 6, 2014


What my inner joyful self would look like

Sparked by conversation at the UMD retreat I just went to centered on the theme Joy, I and many others will be spending each day writing about or taking a photo of someone or something that gives us joy.

After all, when Christ was in the desert being faced by temptation for 40 Days, what got Him through it---sheer will power?  I like to think that there was something deep down inside Him that could not be disturbed or moved ---- peace, the Holy Spirit, and the gift of Joy.

For those long-time followers of Catholic Fried Rice (the two that are out there), yes, I did do this project two years ago and I called it Son's Side Up.  It was then that I wrote that Lent is a time to "humble ourselves, remind ourselves of Christ's sacrifice for us, and in return, better our own lives.  That's why we make these promises or sacrifices."

And what's another way to face our temptations than to fill our cups of life with better things to the point where there's no room for the crap the world tempts us with?

If you feel so inclined, join me and many others at any time this Lent.  Take a picture or write about something that gives you Joy each day during Lent, and tag it on Facebook #40DaysofJoy.  I also encourage to type that hashtag into the FB search bar, and look at what's giving everyone else joy.


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