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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Eyes Tell Everything

What do you see?

There is so much I can tell from the eyes.

One day I looked into a woman's eyes and they were filled with hope.  She's out of work with a nine-month old boy and her husband is looking for a job too, but they love each other and they know God will provide.  She is so grateful to us at Tepeyac to be able to provide some food, clothing, and diapers to her little boy, whose name in Amharic means "Word of God."

Another day I looked into a terrified teenage girl who got pregnant and isn't sure what to do with the father who is out of the picture, as it so often unfortunately happens.

I look into a student's eyes and I see determination, fervor.

I look into the campus minister, Lisa's eyes, and it's filled with welcome and laughter, and the confidence of someone who's really good at her job.

I look into another student's eyes and there is brokenness, a spiritual poverty.

I look into my own eyes in the mirror.  Some days I see a silent knight, ready to battle.  Other days I see a coward.  Some days a passionate man on fire.  And others a man who is humbled once more.

What do you see in the eyes of others?  What do you see in the eyes in the mirror? And most importantly, what do you see in the eyes of God?


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