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Monday, November 17, 2014

26 Things I'd Like To Remember When Turning 27

My birthday has showed up out of nowhere.  So for the past couple of days, I've tried to reflect on my life on where we've come, and where we want to go.  As a result, the following, in no particular order, have been things I've learned this year that I'd like to keep in mind for this following one.

1.  The thought of being a father excites, intimidates, motivates, and terrifies me all in equal measures.

2. Be present to people one person at a time.

3. I'm called to share the message even if I can't always get my self together.
#4. The tortoise always wins.

4. The tortoise always wins the race.

5.I need to always fight for my bride, even during peace time. 

6. Be love driven.

7. "We're called to be faithful, not successful"
-Mother Teresa

8. Be faithful, and success will come.

9. I'm not perfect, nor can I be.

10. I always have to choose God over my wife.

11. Tithing is awesome.

12. Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University has given me so much power about where our finances are and where it's going.

13. Facebook and YouTube had taken up way too much of my time. Maybe it's time to do away with it. Often I wish I could completely.

14. I love to read, as slow as I am at it. I've read some awesome books this year and hope to read more.

15. At least starting a daily rosary every day has changed my life.
#15. Game changer

16. Striving to get to daily Mass has changed my life

17. Getting to frequent weekly adoration had changed my life 

18. I need to lean on others more.

19. Working with men and their unborn babies has changed my life. 

20. Planning a week ahead of time makes a world of difference.

21. Keeping full communication transparency in a marriage has been an amazing gift.

22. I love how beautiful my wife is, especially when she's pregnant. 

23. I'm so lucky to work with two amazing staffs.

24. I suck at life when I isolate myself. Avoid it.

25. Saying that I'm going to do something, then doing it is one of the best feelings of the world.

26. My spiritual life is like a stock market line graph, it's frequently up and down, but over time it's gone up. I have to find peace in that.

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