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Monday, December 1, 2014

Gem from Joseph's Way by Devin Schadt

Living in a relativism society, we are afraid to say anything offensive.  I read this today, and appreciated that this man isn't afraid to speak.

Gem from Joseph's Way by Devin Schadt:

"As in the technological realm, so too in the realm of morality, modern man, impressed with his own ability to solve problems, often seeks progress without consulting God or obeying the order of creation.  This type of problem solving without the Creator creates a multitude of problems.
For example, a modern man's desire to be inclusive of all religions often renders him incapable of taking seriously any religion at all.  So too, the promotion of female rights has frequently led not only to the diminishment of the rights of men, but also to a reduction of woman herself, pressuring her to assume a pseudo-masculine character rather than experiencing the glory and dignity of her feminine genius."

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