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Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Catholic who loves those with same-sex attraction

Being Catholic and a person who authentically loves and cares for a number of friends who happen to be in same-sex relationships, the 5-4 ruling last week and its residual societal response has given me a heavy heart. So here are my two cents.
First, is a quote from a priest on the topic that I completely agree with:
"It's not about us versus them. It's just about us." Meaning, our identity is not first based on sexual orientation, but based first on that we are all brothers and sisters of Christ. His love is not just for those who believe in Him but for all believers AND non-believers (this includes members of LGBTQ community who are also believers). This means that WE (intentionally vague) are called to love each other. We don't have to agree with actions, but we are still called to love people.
Second, I am convinced that all misunderstandings on the issue have to do with one's beginning philosophy of the meaning of sex, what it is for and how it's intertwined in marriage.
Third, I am even more convinced that most people, even most Catholics, have not been fully informed of this beginning philosophy of sex and marriage.For a beginning to that fuller answer, read Humanae Vitae.  For more in depth, we can read translations of St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body
Lastly, I believe that true love doesn't have to involve sex or even marriage. True love only leads and comes from God. Our brokenness cannot be filled by anyone but Him. Most importantly, we must let His ‪#‎lovewin‬.

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