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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Letter to self from April, 2009

[Last time my mom visited me, she dropped off a big box of clothes and stuff that I had in my old room.  I just went through it today and found this letter, written from the end of my junior year at The Catholic University of America.  I consider junior year to be the beginning of discovering my purpose in my life in reaching out to guys.  But I am in awe of this letter I wrote to myself that I am now reading for the first time again.   There are so many truths that I wrote that are telling to who I am still today.  Mimi and I had just started dating at that time.  Anthony and Bobby are still my best friends.  And my desire to still be closer to Him?  Wow.  But what gives me goosebumps are those three words near the end: Fight for her. Whew...]


Dear Matt,

Yo man.  You just finished a year in [student] ministry.  Surprises, expectations, prayer life.  Well, surprises big one is Mimi.  Ha, NO ONE, not even you, saw that one coming.  But you dig her and hopefully still do by the time you read this again.  

Prayer life.  This year, especially last semester, prayer life sky rocketed.  You did novenas, you prayed every night.  Dude, you were personally chaste for months.  Dude, like 3 months.  And the key was about filling our lives with better things and staying busy with it.

You hope to be a better man.  You want to get to a point where you are praying to Him all the time.  Discipline in the morning, at night, less clutter in the room, less in the head.

You love Mimi.  You love Anthony and Bobby.  You love your House.  Casey, Josh, Kelsey, JJ, Kara, Colleen, Jules.  You have bad grades but hope to raise them (Let’s hope you did!).

You know your vocation is fatherhood.  You are crazy about Mimi.  You want to fight for her.

You want God first in your life again though.  Be intimate.  Do you still ask Him to speak to you?  
Love Him.

Also, Matt, you had trouble loving yourself this semester.  Loving yourself enough to care about your grades.  Do you now?

That’s it.



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