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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Two Sustainable Ways to Pray: Examen and Lectio Divina

There's no one way to pray.  Here are two sustainable options we try to teach our college students at the Catholic Student Center  to have on their spiritual arsenal.

Daily Examen: Reviewing your day in God’s presence

  1. Pray for Light.  Ask God for the grace to pray and see in His Light.
  2. Give Thanks.  Look at your day in a spirit of gratitude.  Everything is a gift from God.
  3. Review the Day.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, look back on your day.  Pay attention to your experience and look for God in the details.
  4. Receive God’s Mercy.  How did I fail to see God in others?  Ask God’s forgiveness for your faults and to show you how to grow.
  5. Have Resolution.  Ask where you need God in the day to come.  Close with an Our Father. 

Lectio Divina: Latin for “Divine Reading”, this is a way to pray with Scripture.  Use a Bible, app, or to find the Gospel for today’s Mass.
  1. Read. Slowly read the passage.  Ask what words or phrases jump out, connect or have meaning to you?
  2. Reflect.  Ask why did that word or phrase jump out to you.  How is it relevant to your life right now?
  3. Respond. Have a conversation with God about your prayer.  Share your thoughts, feelings, questions, etc.
  4. Rest. Be still and allow God to speak to you.  Ask Him what He wants you to do with your reflection today.

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