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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guy Time

Last Thursday I got to play frisbee golf with my boy Andrew.  We played a good 18 holes on the nice Chapel Hill course.  It was good to go out and do something physical, and kind of hang and talk about real things (like his engagement) during our breaks.  He's become a good friend of mine this summer, and I'm definitely grateful for the guy.

Saturday I hung out with my neighbor Colyn and his friends in his garage.  It was an epic jam session that included five guitars (three electric, two acoustic), three amps, two basses, one drum set, one djembe drum, one set of bongos, one pair of maracas, and one microphone.  Between the four of us, we kept jumping instruments, especially me learning to play a little bass and drum kit for the first time (check that off the things to do/learn before I die).  So much fun.  I felt like I was playing rock band, but with real instruments.  We did get some good sessions in, one with me on the djembe, one with me on electric guitar, and one with me on mic lol.  Couldn't hear a word I was saying but the sound and vibe was good.  Those guys are so talented.  Later when the night broke down, we were sharing songs with each other.  I of course shared "F--- My Life",  a song that was created at my boy Bobby's 21st b-day party with a bunch of guys around a campfire and has been a legend ever since.  Anyway, the whole jam session was probably some of the most fun I've had all summer.

Last night I got to hang with my long-time friend Sam.  It's funny how long-time, child-hood friends think the same about things sometimes.  We got on the phone and we both wanted to do the same thing---play basketball.  That's all we ever do when I go to his place, hang out or play video games or play basketball.  Oh and we talk a lot of basketball, him being a UNC fan, me a big Duke fan.  And that's what did.  We drove down to a public court and played night basketball.  I won the first game of 21, he won the second, and in the tie breaker we were tied 19-19 for the longest time until he finally made the winning shot.  Sick.  At one point in the night Sam said, "Can you believe we graduated from college?"  Mmm, no.  Not while hanging out like we always did in high school playing basketball on the same court we always have.

Anyway, I thank God for guy time.  It's one of the biggest things that gets me through life.  Amen.


  1. Hey Matt, it's Trista. Hope it's not too random that I've started reading your blog. I'm really impressed with it - excellent so far! Take care.

  2. I really like this. It is the same way with me and my bff. We just completely agree ALL the time. Example: "Hey, where do you want to eat?" "Uh... Chick-fil-A" "No Way!! I was thinking that too!!"

    So.. maybe that made no sense with what you wrote... who knows? (Answer: God)

    Anyway, I agree Girls' Night is something really important for me to get through everything in my life and obviously your guy time is the same for you. :D