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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The rest of my really short, ending summer

Friday, July 30 -Sunday Aug. 1 -Kara's Graduation Blowout!
 I will be driving to D.C. to spend the night because Saturday morning Ashley, Josh, Col, and Jules (can you say House '08-'09 reunion??) will be road tripping to our very own Kara Moey Fitzgerald's house in Newton, Connecticut for her graduation blowout.  Oh man, I definitely see this as my last hoorah with many of my close friends before we all go our separate ways.  Spend the night Saturday, leave Sunday. Stay at Melissa's Sunday until Monday.  I should probably let her know I'm coming...

Monday, Aug. 2-Thursday Aug. 5 -Last days in Durham
Drive back to NC.  These last four days will be my last in Durham.  I can't believe it.  These past couple months have been such a worth while, fulfilling time here in Durham catching up with my parents, my cousins, community at Holy Infant, and friends new and old.  It's funny, there's a lot for me to do here were I to stay and relationships to continue.  Durham will forever be my home.  And I may not know it now, but this may be the last time I stay here for this long of a time.  ...I think there's something in my eye, I'll be right back. Darn dust.

Thursday, Aug. 5 -Friday, Aug. 20 -Last hoorahs in D.C.
On Thursday night night my parents and I will drive to D.C. to see Mark and Melissa and their families.  For anyone in D.C., I plan to spend 100% of my time with them until my parents leave on Tuesday, Aug. 10.

Thursday, Aug. 12- Monday,Aug. 16 -Young-Aujero reunion!
My cousins from California (The Young’s!) and their families will be in town in D.C. and we’re going to be hanging out/partying hard, at least that’s all I remember doing when we hang out with them.

Tuesday, Aug. 16-Friday, Aug.20 -D.C. downtime
My cousins leave town, and I have these four days to do what I need to in D.C., which especially includes seeing some key guys (Bobby, Patella, Burns, Ladner, Mike to name a few).  I also need to take a day trip to campus and complete the Esto Book I’ve been wanting to finish.  Oh, and I need to visit my OK Barber in MD because I need a haircut.

Friday, Aug. 20 -No more cell and drive back
That day I will let go of my cell phone and my number, perhaps for good.  Will be getting a new phone and all that when I’m in Costa Rica for in-country use.
That Friday, Melissa and I will drive down back down to North Carolina.  She wants to see Fred’s new baby, and I need a ride back home.  Works out.

Saturday, Aug. 21 -Goodbye home
I fly out of NC for good, and start my orientation with FrancisCorps in Syracuse, NY.

Saturday Aug. 21- Thursday Sept. 2 Orientation with FrancisCorps.

  I officially start my ministry with FrancisCorps.  Wow. I was thinking earlier, that’s a long time for orientation, but then I realized, that’s about the same amount of time, two weeks, that student ministers get for their training.

Friday, Sept. 3, 2010 -Goodbye U.S., hello Costa Rica
Bro. Jim, and the five of us FrancisCorps-Costa Rica Volunteers 2010-2011, leave the U.S. and fly to San Jose, Costa Rica where the next chapter of my life begins.

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