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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Exams week

This was a posed shot on my first visit to the office.
Now, it just sums up what I do this week---nada.
Exams week ends today. Finally.  It started Tuesday of last week.  During exam week the teachers' days ends at 1, and last week I was all about it---it was nice to have a break after a very busy St. Francis week the week before.  Exams week also meant no after-school activities, meaning I didn't get to go to La Isla on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to tutor kids, or San Francisco on Thursdays to visit old, sick people, or hang out with Paxto, the youth group, that meets Friday afternoons.  Again, the break was welcoming last week.  Last week I got some time to catch up with myself, personal errands, build some relationships with my co-workers, and Jenny even presented me to the primary (elementary) school.  Now I get many more "Mateos!" from high pitched voices :).

But this week, this week has been killing me.  The best part of the past three days is going to Mass with the friars in the morning, followed by breakfast.  After that, around 8:30ish, it's downhill.  I have nothing to do.  Actually, probably less than nothing to do.  Jenny wasn't in the office understandably because she was sick and her son even sicker.  So literally after Mass, my days have been obsolete.

As a hindsight now, I wish I took more advantage of this free time.  I could've taken more initiative around the school, or the primary school who aren't in exams, or could have visited my housemates at their jobs, or even contacted Mire's family here and get in touch with them.  But I was tired and groggy all day the past two days.  Nothingness will do that to you.  Feeling like you don't have a role anymore, will do that to you. I don't feel like myself at all.  Each morning this week I haven't wanted to get up, waking up the last minute to go to Mass on time with the friars, and because they feed me too :P.

Long story short, I miss my students.  I miss my role.  And in the past month of trying to figure out my purpose here, this past week hasn't helped.

Dear exams, you've taken my students long enough.  Go away now and give them back to me.  OK, thanks.

Exams week ends today.  Gracias a Dios.


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