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Sunday, October 10, 2010

What to blog? Please help!

Literally every day, I think I have at least two blogs ideas that run through my head.  Obviously they all don't get written down, and it's a shame that I don't have the time.  The blogs that do get written down are the ideas that happen to come right at the moment when I have time to write, otherwise blogs that get written down are ones that nag me enough over the weeks that I have to get them down on paper.  It's coming to a point now though that I have several nagging blog ideas in my head that I really like and I just don't have the time to write them all and it's  killing me.  So I'm going to try something.  I'm going to put the titles and a small synopsis of each below, and YOU the reader please help me prioritize.  They're all going to get down someway or another....hopefully....maybe not.  Vote on the poll on the right side, por favor.  Gracias!

"My life is like a Glee episode"
This blog would be about how my life here authentically breaks into song in the most random moments

"Ticos or gringos?"
This most recent idea would be about how I'm proud to be living with my "Gringo family", but after seeing us interact with the "Ticos", I wonder if we're more Tico, than Gringo.  Maybe Tingo.

"St. Francis College: High school, but not really"
One of my older blog ideas is my observation how the school I work at is like high schools in the United States...and not at all, all at the same time.

"What do I actually do in Costa Rica?: A typical week/day"
I realize I haven't actually explained what I do here in the day-to-day, week-to-week.  This blog would be about my routine.

"The hardest thing about my life in Costa Rica"
So far, I've come to observed the hardest part about living here.  You might be surprised to find out what this is.

"Costa Rican Fathers"
This blog would be about my observation of Costa Rican men here, and how it's opened my mind to a topic I hold core to my soul.

Sooo, if you want to read more about one or more of these topics, do let me know and vote!  Thanks!

P.S. In case you don't believe that I have two blogs a day in my head, here are several titles that I can remember at the moment that haven't made the cut:

"La Semana de San Francis"
"La Fiesta Dia de San Francis"
"My very productive day" (which involved Mass, presentations, shopping a meeting, teacher bonding, house cleaning, paying the bills)
"Becoming the best version of myself"
"Life here = preparation for life after, in ways I didn't foresee"
"La Isla, San Francisco, Paxto"
"Miguel, Mauricio, Leo, y Fray Jorge"
"La Primaria"
"The way the friars pray"
"Me Time"
"La Misa"
"Finding out what God is calling me to do"
"Our Lady of Guadalupe = home" (This is about the church I found here that I finally feel at peace with)
"Te necesito, venga en mi vida: My prayer in Spanish"
"Seniors Day"
"The Zoo" (This is about a school field trip to the zoo)
"Va a la playa" (This is about a school field trip to Limon)
"La Musica de los undecimos"
"Love life? = single life = lovin' life"
"Que puedo hacer?: Finding out the need here"
"Que va a hacer esta noche?"
"Mi papel en la familia"
"Man's man?"
"La Sala de los profesores"
"Looking out the window"
"La Banda"
"More FML moments"

Gracias a Dios.


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  1. "St. Francis College: High school, but not really"

    I selfishly want to know more about St. Francis College.