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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Current blogs in my head...

Once again, my mind is full of things I want to write about, but yet again, I haven't the time.  The following are subjects that have been in my head for awhile, some I even started drafts of, but I hope to get on paper (or screen) one day:

The hardest thing...
-This one would be about the hardest thing about living here in Costa Rica since day one, and how that has developed even more now.

Querido Mateo,
-This one is a letter I've started writing to myself that basically tells myself what I need to do to stay happy and driven, and what standards of life I live by.  A reminder to me.

Padre Nuestro
-This one would be about praying in Spanish and what that's like and what it's doing for me.  It's also about my frustration of not knowing the written prayers like Padre Nuestro "Our Father" fully by heart yet.

How my life is like Glee: Season 2
-The songs just keep coming and I keep playing.

-This one would be about the times I've just needed the huevos (literally eggs, but in slang, balls) to do what I need to do at certain moments.  At how it's turned out---sunny side up.

Total Consecration
-This one would about the 33-prayer I'm doing with my students.  How I thought I'd get 3, and 18 showed up.  How my boys came.  How I could've died right there.

-I'm probably going to do this one via pictures on Facebook.  But I had one of the best birthdays ever last Thursday, and I accredit that to a lot of people.

Mi papel
-This one is how I've discovered my role in my school, how long that took and why it was difficult, the importance, and how much I believe in my students.

Costa Rican Fathers
-I've yet to talk about this still, but I will one day.

La vida es bella
-These are my thoughts on happiness.  And why I think I'm happy here, not counting being where I am and who I'm with.

More FML moments
-Like how I've been telling everyone that this month the boys in the house aren't shaving for "No Shave November", but for the word "to shave" I've been saying "cepillarse", which means to brush one's teeth. So literally for the past 20 days I've been telling everyone that my friends and I aren't brushing our teeth this month.  Great.  No wonder they looked at me weird. (And stayed away, for that matter).

Iyiyi, I know there's more and those just won't make it.  Algún día I'll get to them.  Algún día....



  1. "Despite who I'm with???"

  2. Sounds like some good posts coming up. The "Querido Mateo" thing is a good idea. I do that yearly, and open it a year from the date I wrote it and write one to open next year. It's a good reminder to stay on track. And the last one...LOL! Got to love learning another language! At least it's something to laugh about later.

  3. Matt, sometimes I want to write too. And I guess you are giving me an idea how to do it. Everyone have to take notes of what they really are and what they want out of life.Something to reflect each day, because each day is different.