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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Where did October go?

I know it's November, but I hardly mentioned October.  The following was my journal entry (PG version) in our travel/exchange journal to our FrancisCorps partners in Syracuse:

4 de Noviembre, 2010

My dear Syracuse amigos,

It is now November.  What?  After a long September, October has seemed to fly.  Where did October go?  I’m not really sure exactly.  If I were to guess, it could’ve hid in a several chosen items. 

The birthday girl and her surprise piñata.  
October went in a piñata. 
                A piñata that looked like Dora the Explorer (or Maraka, the SNL favorite skit in the house).  This little girl got smacked around as confites (candy) burst out of her pockets at Jelly’s 23rd birthday party.  The party guests ranged from friars to neighbors to co-workers to  Jordan’s sketchy friends of co-workers (“Are they gonna steal our (stuff)?”) to even ex-FrancisCorps members in Kelli and her friends.  And the activities?  A friendly game of celebrity, followed by Fray Nader’s cheesecakes to games involving flipping cups and throwing ping pong balls.  The party did not not end at 3 in the morning.  We’re glad Jordan was that last one standing to lock up.

Suited up
October went in a carabineer.
                For those of you who don’t know what that word is (*cough*Brittany*cough*), it’s that attachment lock thing that people have to connect keys or water bottles…or bodies to zip-lines.  Our trip to Monte Verde, the first trip we took together as a group, was..pretty sweet.  The business major in me has to outline the prices. Four hour bus ride: $4.30 Two nights at a decent hostel: $10 ($5 per night) and the most expensive thing was the zip-line tour which was $45, but totally vale la pena (worth it).  Theses zip-lines took you across from one mountain to another, and the last one we did called the “Superman” they put you horizontal so you were going head first.  Oh Dios mio, it’s like you’re flying.  You’re flying on this zipline and you look down and there’s trees hundreds of yards below you.  Aah!  So cool. 

Brittany flyin'.
October went in a toilet.
Us bringing our dance lessons to the bars.
                The poops followed us into October, particularly in Jelly and me.  No bueno y no fue divertido.  I was actually concerned for Jelly more because she had the poops for awhile.  But as October left, so did our bowel movement problems.  Gracias a Dios.

October went in a “taca.”  
Apparently my dance face does not change from
country to country.
                So the house and I have started to take dance lessons at a local place near our house.  The instructor there loves the word “taca”.  “A la derecha y …taca” and at the word taca, she bounces her hips real sharp to one side.  And we “taca” like her (or try to at least) every Tuesday now.  Jordan and I feel the music, Brittany and Jelly get lead by the men, and Tom just sweats.  Literally, at the end of our first practice one of the local Ticos asked him in plain English “Did you take a shower?”  Gray wasn’t a good shirt-color that day for Tom. Anyway, I hope we’re beast by the end of it, but at least we would’ve lost a lot of (water) weight by then.

October went in a smile.
               The other week I visited this old folk’s home called Hogar San Francisco that I go to every Thursday.  That time my students couldn’t come, but darn, I love my friends there so I went solo and I brought my guitar.  I translated some songs I knew in English to Spanish and went for it with them, and oh man, that might have been my favorite moment here in Costa Rica so far.  While I played some of my friends in wheel chairs were smiling, others clapping, some singing along (I was teaching as I went) while another was straight up sleeping.  To see the smile in Flori’s face, one of my favorites, might have made everything here in Costa Rica worth it in that one action.  She’s blind, she keeps to herself, and she's usually in a bad mood.  But my song made her smile.  You know I may not be able to change the world or people’s lives, but I realize I can at least change one person’s day.   It may not be much, but maybe that smile is what I came here for.   A smile I'll hold on to forever. Be right back, I think there might be something in my eye...

October went in a thumbs-up. 
                Last week I went to a confirmation retreat with my novenos (sophomores) and on the last day I taught them this song called “Trading My Sorrows.”  It has choreography in it.  For example, the chorus is “Yes, Lord, Yes, Lord, yes yes, Lord!” and at each “yes” you put up a thumbs up, and at each “Lord” you put up an “L”.  Oh man, to see all my novenos (about 80 of them) to put up the thumbs up and L, praising God with me as I lead them with my guitar was definitely another favorite, deal breaker, vale la pena, moment for me here in Costa Rica.
One of my favorite moments so far in CR: my students singing and praising with me.

Anyway, I now have 15 minutes left before I have to print this out, put in the book, and give it back to Bro. Jim.  He leaves today to be back with you guys and we’re jealous.  We loved him being here.  I hope all is well with you all.

Lovies, Amor, Paz, y Bien,


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  1. Matt - I love reading your blog. I am doing the JVC in Mobile, AL and I love reading about the similarities and differences in our programs but also in the ministry. It sounds like you are really embracing your time of service. Thank you for sharing your reflections.