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Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Turn My Water Into Wine" by Matt Aujero and Anthony Rennekamp

I wrote the following song exactly two years ago, in a time of impatience, an impatience I'm beginning to feel again in a different way.  I sang and prayed this tonight....

“Turn My Water Into Wine”
By Matt Aujero and Anthony Rennekamp

         D                                  G   A
When I’m broken, may you heal the shattered fragments.

         D                            Em        A
When I’m shaken, I ask you to calm my nerves.

           G              Bm                D
When I’m impatient, may I trust you with my heart.

  G                      Em         Asus4 A
Cuz I try so hard, but I can only go so far.

    Dsus4 D           D2         G   Asus
Let You, Lord, turn my water into wine

(2x w/ echo)

At Cana, they listened to Your Mother
As she said, "Do whatever He tells you."
I lack the same faith, for I choose my will over Yours
May I realize only You can make me more

Take my hand
And what I have
It's hardly anything
D                  Asus
Please transform me (Repeat)

And in the end
Asus          A
I just ask You, Lord...

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