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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 13: My Family

Son's Side Up
Day 13
My family

This isn't a glamorous shot of my family, but maybe that's the point.  We're not glamorous.  My parents are finally back from the Philippines, and we all got together to have dinner tonight (from left to right) Dad, Mireille, Steve, Mom, Melis, and Mark.  This shot (with the kids in the living room) was taken after we just had this awesome dinner of steak, chicken, Portobello mushrooms, corn, and of course, rice all grilled about by Chef Mark (nickname upgrade after my first given one, "Grilling 101").

And it was just us.  It was rare and it was nice and it was fun.  My oldest source of joy is my family and it belongs to be today's Son's Side Up.

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