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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 14: Humility in Shoes

Son's Side Up
Day 14
Humility in Shoes

This morning at the Metro I knelt down to tie one of my notice it wasn't the same as the other.  "Did I really put on two different pair of shoes?," I think to myself.
Yes you did, Matt.  You did.
The irony is that before this momentI thought I looked sharp today.  I had shaved, put on a good unwrinkled shirt, nice tie, even a different jacket that I vainly thought matched the color scheme of my outfit.
Shoes, however, do not match. And more embarrassing by the picture is that both are worn out and scuffed up. Sigh, at least they're both brown.
What about this gives me joy?  The ability to laugh at myself, and somehow no matter what, God always has a way to humble me, even through shoes.


  1. Once a classmate came to school with only one shoe. She'd been rushing out the door in the morning and grabbed two shoes, only to find in the car that not only were they different, they were both left feet! She ended up wearing plastic bags all day. I must say, you look far more distinguished. -Patricia

  2. haha that's hilarious. Thanks for sharing!