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Thursday, March 8, 2012

B. A. response to the "hypocrisy" of the Catholic Church

Person A: "Funny how the Catholic Church responds so vigorously to contraception, but slowly moves to respond to child molestation."

My boy Mike: "Blaming an entire religion based off of the actions of very few individuals who abuse power is wayyyyy different than violating the religious liberties given to EVERY American by our Constitution and fore founders. Never mind the millions of dollars and hours our Church has spent repaying the mistakes and sins of a few whose actions are statistically even across society, in and out of religions. It pisses me off to no end to hear people throw out uneducated and ignorant comments about the Catholic Church because of several abusive clergy and some soundbite they read in the newspaper or heard on evening news. If we're going to follow in that vein of crappy persecution, I'm sure we can uncover a hell of a lot of secrets and skeletons in the closets of other worldwide organizations. But no, that's fine. Keep attacking the largest charitable organization in the world, the one that protects and reveres the dignity of the human person, the one that still believes in morality and the inherent goodness of man...oh yea and the organization that educated you...twice."

Head. Shot. Boom.  That boy just got served.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, just look at the kind of charity the Catholic Church is into:

    And how important the lives of the suffering and ill are to the Church:

    The organization to which you subscribe has many more issues than the heinous sexual abuse scandals. Refusing to acknowledge them only makes you look ignorant. At the very least you should know that they are true and criticize the Church in order to make it better, like people who express the highest form of patriotism in sacrificing their reputations by criticizing their nation's policies in order to make things better.