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Monday, April 23, 2012

For men to read, a request

Let's band together in this fight.
Dear fellow man,
I write to you all to tell you about a current project I'm working on.

This project involves a two sentence reply, and I would like to ask those courageous enough to reply, and I understand if you choose not to because of the sensitive subject.

In brief, I am very passionate, as you might be, about the epidemic of pornography.  You may have seen the recent statistic that just came out that one in four marriages divorce because of a spouses' addiction to pornography.  To combat this, I've found a way to break my addiction (free from habitual viewing for more than a year now), I've written (and still writing) about it on this blog, and I've attended and talked at gatherings across America about the topic.  In return, I've been receiving a superfulous amount of of feedback from hungry men out there who want to break their habits.

Through my extensive research and observation, I've found one of the biggest motivators is that men need to know that there are other men out there who care about fighting the temptation of pornography as well.  Note I didn't say men who are perfect at it, but men who are trying, men who care.

To address this, I plan to publish a post on my blog this Thursday, April 26 with quotes of men answering two simple questions:
1.)    Pick a time you were tempted to look at porn, but was successful to resist that temptation. Why did you choose to avoid the temptation that moment? 
2.)    What did you do instead with that time?
I will be publishing this quote on my blog and ask if you leave as much of your name as they feel comfortable leaving, knowing it is a sensitive topic.  I want to show the world that I’m not the only one who cares, that these quotes are not coming from me, and that there are other real men out there who are fighting the good fight.

So far, I've gotten 25 men to respond back with their one sentence answer for both, with signatures with as much as their full names, first names, initials, initial of their first name, and just plain blank anonymous.  What they are writing is encouraging and humbling and as many people as possible need to read it.

I would like to ask you and all other men to join others in this fight by replying back to me at or comment with two sentences and as much of your name as you would like to leave all in quotes. I promise to keep full names confidential otherwise. Again, I will be posting my findings this Thursday, April 23 on my blog.

Please consider replying to this post.  This is not about me or you.  It's about all the men out there who need to know that there are others fighting.  This is about the first step to lives that can be redeemed, relationships being saved, families being restored, wives regaining trust, and children getting their father back.   

Thanks guys and God bless.

Your fellow struggler, sinner, and man,

P.S. If you are a woman reading this and would like to contribute, please feel free to reply back as well.  I will create a separate section of women's replies on this post on Thursday.  Thank you!


  1. Hi Mat,
    I think what you are doing us more manly than most.
    I too struggle with this addiction and I hope and pray that we all are always conscious about our vulnerabilities and addictions. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks brother. It's all God's work. I'm sure you saw the final post about the 48 men. They're the real heroes. Let's keep up fighting the good fight!

  3. I have been struggling with this addiction for some time. It has been taking over my life, my workplace, and my family. My wife will take my kids and run. Hopefully turning to God to combat this awful disease will benefit me in the long run. God bless the work you do.

    1. Keep up the fight! We're all in prayer together.