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Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday MATTERS: Current life at Catholic Fried Rice

Today I'm a little worn.  I'm currently fighting a cold, I'm tired, and my injury-recovering back hurts again.  I am learning the hard way that in order to best do what I feel I'm called to do, I first need to take care of myself.  Although my prayer life may be improving, I need to supplement this by getting the right amount of sleep (which I'm realizing may include sacrificing my pleasure in Sunday Night Football), and exercising well (which includes not doing to many dead lifts with too many plates of weight, per Dr. Wife's orders).

What I feel like sometimes

 In the near and far future, there's a lot going on.  Sometimes when I feel like meteors of projects are flying, I need to lay it all out to see what's in front of me---kind of like seeing the whole screen of Asteroids while I map out a shooting and flying rampage with my triangle-shaped space ship.

In the mix of everything, I often have to remind myself that writing is my biggest passion as it often receives the back burners.

The following posts have already been written, but need to be edited and redrafted before publishing:

"What Every Man Needs in a Chaste Woman"
"Mimi and Me: The Friendship"
"My Review of the Movie Don Jon"
The following are ideas for posts that I've been reflecting and talking about for weeks and eventually want to tackle:

"Guys are like X-Men"
"Falling in Love with the Eucharist"
"How to Keep (mostly) Focused during Mass"

Book Project
Last week was great during the relaunch; I appreciate the prayers and support along the way.  I contacted many of men, and the responses are trickling in.  I have lost count, but 52 or 53 guys have responded so far.  With that said, I feel like I have a million e-mails to respond to as many people are contacting me at the moment.  If you're one of those people, thank you for your patience.

Men's Ministry at U. of Maryland
Probably one of the most exciting things going on is my recent hire as a part-time Men's Minister at the Catholic Student Center that serves the undergrads of the University of Maryland at College Park.  Fr. Rob and the staff are great, and talking with the students the other night at dinner seemed like another home from home for me. 

Centro Tepeyac
Throughout all of this, I have stayed committed to the working part-time at Centro Tepeyac, a Catholic Women's center that serves woman at all stages of life includes our biggest focus: pregnant woman who are abortion-minded.  I came on to help with their Public Relations and to include another ministry: Guy Talk.  In the already existing "Girls Talk" where young women join a forum to discuss chastity and feminine identity, we are expanding it so they bring their boyfriends where I'll facilitate that conversation among the guys about chastity and masculine identity in another room.

Men's Groups
In the past several weeks, I have been getting involved in a number of Men's Groups in the area.  One group, called the Armory of Men I have stayed consistent with entails a group of 20-something guys reading the same "man-book" and discussing personal virtue in each of our lives.  I checked out another group of guys, called "The King's Men" which I was impressed to find that it starts with a rosary among the fathers followed by discussion of readings and battling personal struggles.  I've since been invited to another group called men's group spawned by Regnum Christi, but I simply do not have enough nights in the week.

Porn-Accountability Groups
I've been in conversation now with two different parishes about creating a porn-accountability group for men.  It being a passionate topic of mine, I'm currently trying to brainstorm with a friend at my parish St. Andrew the Apostle and a couple priests at Our Lady of Sorrows on how to form these groups well.  Based on preliminary conversations, the timeline for both of these groups officially forming seems to be at the beginning of January next year. 

Stephen Ministry
I signed up at the parish to be a Stephen Minister, which is a lay ministry group that pairs up relationships to help others in their journey of whatever struggles they deal with.  Hopefully through this ministry, I'll be able to journey with young guys one-on-one during my spare time.

This is all of course in my (mostly successful attempts) to maintaining the family household, getting quality time with Mimi, and keeping in touch with my close brother friends and family.

I pray for perseverance, peace, and persitence.


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