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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Reading Responses: "How has waiting or not waiting...had an impact on your life?"

Imagine answering the question: “How has waiting or not waiting to have sex until marriage had an impact on your life?”

Close to 50 guys attempted to answer this question
            Last week, I asked almost 50 Catholic guys at the University of Maryland at College Park to write down their responses to this question at the end of my talk, and finally this morning, I got to go through them and record them.  This is part of my 100 Guys, 100 Reasonsto Sex for Marriage book project that I launched a couple months ago that will essentially be 100 pages long, one page for each guy to give their thoughts in order to reach that young teenage or college-age guy and at let him know that there are guys out there who care.

            Reading the words of these 18-22 year-old men were moving.  Many of them were saving sex for marriage and said some remarkable things about respecting women and wanting to give the gift of  themselves to their eventual wife.  Whew.  A number of these men did not wait, and their words were just at moving, as many remarked that “it wasn’t at all what they expected it to be” or they “wish they could redo things.”

            At the end of this project, I will reveal what everyone said.  There is something raw and powerful of seeing responses of guys who did not know or see anyone else’s responses before him.  To see how similar we all are in our courage, our brokenness, and our desire for true love.

            If you are a guy and would like to participate in this project, check out this link for all the details.  Here’s to becoming something that’s bigger than all of us.  Here’s to reaching the younger versions of ourselves, to give that guy a chance to make decisions with all information available to him.

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