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Friday, March 22, 2013

Begin the Day with Joyful Anticipation

The following has come from a daily reflection book I only starting picking up again this week.  Below was what I read for today, March 22, and is exactly what I needed to read.

"How this day turns out depends, in part, on how it begins.  Being your day with an attitude of joyful anticipation, and you reap the reward of your own state of mind.  Begin it with disgust or reluctance, and your state of mind will pursue you as the hours unfold.  You set the tone of your day by the way you welcome it.

Each day is a gift of God to us, but sometimes the gift comes wrapped in somber colors.  We may wake up with pain, or with the knowledge that we face a difficult or disagreeable task.  Trusting that God is with us can give us the courage we need.  Looking forward to something pleasant can lessen the difficulties we have to face.  Learning to believe in ourselves can calm the fears we feel.  However we choose to begin this day, we do have the power to determine, to some extent, what this day will be like.  

You have given me this day, Lord, and I want to receive it with as joyful a heart as I can.  I have the power to make it more beautiful.  I have the power to lessen its pains.  I have the power to rediscover its joys.  May I live this day as you would have me live it."


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