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Monday, October 14, 2013

Relaunch: 100 Guys, 100 Reasons to Save Sex for Marriage

This is it, for the next two days, I'm going to finish getting responses for our 100 Guys, 100 Reasons to Save Sex for Marriage book project.  How can you get involved in these next two days?

40 Responses, 60 More to Go

1. Prayers!
The Enemy clearly does not want this to happen and he has taken me out quite successfully from trying to finish this project.  Please pray for me and all the men who are sending out their responses.

2. Submit a Reason
If you are a guy or know of any good guys to fill out the following:
1.) How has waiting or not waiting to have sex until marriage had an impact on your life?
(Note: your answer can be one sentence to a paragraph)

Then input the following info (where applicable, bold are needed, the rest optional)
2.) First name (or pseudonym if preferred)
3.) Age
4.) Years married
5.) Number of children
6.) Years dated now wife
7.) If dating, time dating current girlfriend
8.) Something funny/quirky/different about you
9.) A hobby or passion

Send your response to

3. Read and spread the word!
 Here are all the details here: 100 Guys, 100 Reasons to Save Sex for Marriage

We're about 40 guys down, 60 more to go!

 Let's do this all for that guy on the fence who needs to know that there are other guys who care!


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